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About Me

Michelle Bennett, Licensed Massage Therapist #21023


As a person who has experienced pain up close and personally, I understand a patient's desire to be relieved of muscles needing health care and attention. I am a competitive sailor, mom, and enjoy the art of building a strong and healthy body at any age. I am intrigued by the study of muscles; how they move our bones and function in our daily lives. Muscles can be flexible and robust, or inflexible and cause us pain. I consider it a gift and an honor to offer the skills to ease tension and pain and create a safe environment to improve the body's movement.  

I am mom of a beautiful, happy, and growing teenager.  In addition to being a mom, one of my most gratifying passions has been sailing for many years. I am an avid sailboat racer, been a member of sailboat racing teams since 1986, and teach sailing locally with the Oregon Women's Sailing Association (OWSA).

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Portland State University and studied therapeutic massage at the Oregon School of Massage. I continue my studies of structural bodywork, assessment, and functionality. My objective is to help individuals I work with improve a sense of self and promote their functionality to perform at their best.

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